It's Finally Here! The Liquid Sucker You All Need!

The New Liquid Sucker Is Here, And Its Better Than Ever!

With 2 flexible durable lengthen and thicken clear PVC pipe, oil, high temperature and corrosion resistant makes this pump transfer more quickly. Built-in outlet and inlet to prevent backflow, extraction directly, liquid outflow in 5 seconds. It indicates flow direction. Lightweight and portable hand transfer pump, ideal for vehicles without anti-theft filter net, such as Mower, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, etc.



Gasoline Diesel Transfer Sucker


1 X Pump

2 X Buckle

1 X Water pipe

Liquid Fuel Transfer Siphon Pump Oil Pump

Easy to use...

PREMIUM MATERIAL: Rubber hand pump that starts siphoning liquid flow quickly. 2 flexible Durable PVC transparent hoses provide easy reach into containers, petrol resistant, avoid corrosion.

HAND SIPHON PUMP: High-flow hoses and large-bore ball pumps are faster at pumping, and the built-in pump allows you to siphon liquid from one container to another.

EASY TO USE: This manual water pump is for fuel petrol diesel gasoline oil water and other common liquids also can be a water changer for the fish tank at your home.

Watch This Video To See How Convenient This Item!

easy to use

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Recommended Seller! This Is the item I've been waiting for.

Christine M.


This item is very affordable to use and convenient.

Paul A.


Thanks seller ! Great item, well made and strong Recommended

John S.

Good Moto Multifuctoin Liquid Sucker

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