Wooden Foldable Portable Lamp

Wooden Foldable Portable Lamp


Can be used as a night light lamp for nursery in the bedroom or emergency lighting at night.

Good company for kids, children and babies at night.

Can be used as book light or table lamp for studying and reading.

Can be used as a decorative lamp for atmosphere lighting.

Can be used as a flash light; can be hanged anywhere you want.

It’s flexible style can satisfy various type of lighting in different scenarios.



MULTI-USE LIGHT : Transform from Camping Outdoor night light to Indoor Desk Table Lamp and LED Emergency Flashlight three in one in seconds. Water-resistant design makes it a perfect choice for camping.


EYE CARE LIGHT : Anti-glare material and advanced LED beads create non-flickering light will never hurts your eyes and effectively protect our eyes even fit for babies


ALWAYS READY: Rechargeable and Portable USB-chargeable for use almost anytime, anywhere. Built-in battery, charging for 1hrs, continuous use for 7hrs.


EXQUISITE DESIGN: 360°adjustable irradiation angle, available for hanging, putting on table or taking it to outside camping. Easy to operate, touch to turn on / off. Adopted with BPA-free ABS material and wooden handle, it is safe for kids


TOUCH CONTROL : Just tap the touch control base to switch three brightness levels of warm white light – soft, moderate, and bright. It’s comfortable and cozy for rest & relaxation and also great for reading on the bright setting.The charger is equipped with an indicator, the indicator will be off automatically once the light is fully charged


Package Includes:

1* Folding LED lamp

1* USB cable

1*English&Chinese manual

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