Water Filter Straw
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Water Filter Straw



Key Features:

1. FILTER MORE: Filters up to 2000 liters of natural fresh water without using any chemicals. 2000L clean and drinkable water in a backpack on the go.
2. VERSATILE DESIGN: Easily set up a DIY filtration system by soda bottle like Coca-Cola bottle, plastic bag, collapsible bottle or bucket. Or drink directly from water source like a straw.
3. BACKFLUSHING WITH EASE: Threads on filter both sides. A handy 28mm threads bottle can be screwed on water filter outlet for backwashing.
4. Reliable filtering result: 0.1 micron membrane ensures 99.999999% removal rate of bacteria. TUV and SGS testing reports.
5. Superior material: FDA approved. Impact resistance and ultra-light L630 fits in the palm of your hand. Lifespan can be extended by backwash.

Good choice for camping, hiking, fishing, scouting, travel, military, survival use, or emergence supplies.

Multiple Uses Options

For Personal Use

Multiple Ways for Group Use

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