Telescope Eyepiece
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Telescope Eyepiece




â– Super wide 68 degree apparent field of view;gets broad field observations for amazing observing experience
â– Fully multi-coated lens;broadband green film optical glass increases light permeability for sharp images
â– Multi-element design delivers sharp images;highly achromatic with good color correction and contrast
â– Black anodized aluminum housings;internally blackened to eliminate light scattering and contrast
â– Fold down soft rubber eye guard;block stray light also bring the convenience to eyeglass wearers

Fully multi-coated lens

Multi-element design delivers sharp images with good color correction and contrast

Standard 1.25 inch thread

Threaded to accept 1.25″ filters

68 Degree Ultra Wide Angle

Super Wide 68 Degree apparent field offers expansive views of the moon, star clusters, and the Milky Way

Black anodized aluminum housings

Aluminum 1.25″ eyepiece barrel is internally blackened to eliminate light scattering

Non-slip rubber grip

A rubber grip keeps the eyepiece securely in your hands even when it’s cold or you have gloves on.

Folding Down Rubber Eyecup

Folding down rubber eyecup provides comfortable viewing for people with or without glasses; bayonet mount can also block stray light to increase the brightness of imagine.

Two Dust Covers

Comes with two sturdy dust cover protect the eyepiece from dust and moisture; convenient to carry and storage.


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