Star Night Light

Star Night Light


  • ❤Becautiful Design – The attractive handicraft feature and lovely small shape make it charming to most people, especially female,it is an ideal gift for friends and family.
  • ❤Create a Comfortable, Romantic Atmosphere – Our Starry Night Light lamp will set the mood for any occasion be it cosy, romantic, peaceful or feel-good.
  • ❤Warm Gift – Nothing says “I care” quite like a practical & unique present. Be it your mom, wife, sister or girlfriend, Our Starry Night Light will jazz up their nightstand! Ideal for mother’s day, birthday celebration, housewarming party or baby shower.
  • ❤Widely Used – Can be used in various occasions as a gentle bedroom night light or to keep warm ambience to the living room . Great Gift Idea for both home & Office, Memorable gift for Birthday, Wedding.
  • ❤Lovely gifts – A perfect gift to girls boys kids, your loved one or girlfriend, parents and families. Especially suitable for childrens. Such as Christmas,Holloween,Thanksgiving birthdays, holidays, wedding,anniversary etc.



Lamp source: LED lamp bead

Line length: 1m (with push button switch)

Light source power: 1.2W

Rated voltage: DC 5V

Input: USB interface

Products Size: 100x130mm,

Package size: 103x133mm

Main material: log base, PET plastic lamp cover

Product features: LED light source, light soft and not dazzling, environmental protection without radiation, USB power supply, low energy consumption design, energy-efficient, long service life.

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