Squid Game Alarm Clock®
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Squid Game Alarm Clock®



Have a hard time getting up in the morning? Need a little extra…motivation? Why not get a creepy doll that will shoot you?

This alarm clock is being held by the creepy red light, green light doll, and if you don’t get up for your alarm, she opens her mouth and shoots you with a tiny nerf gun!

  • Game Experience: Inspired by 2021 hit Korean dramas, squid games, ghost players in the game, this alarm clock gives you an immersive feeling and is the best prank gift for Korean drama fans.
  • Game Alarm: When you hear 123, wooden man. I hope you wake up from your dream as soon as possible. If you still refuse to wake up, the puppet will” attack you” and the game is over.
  • Best gift: Squid game red light green light doll alarm clock launches bullets to wake you up. But don’ t worry, it won’ t hurt you, because the bullet is made of soft silicone. It can be used as a Christmas gift and Halloween gift for children, and it can also be given to family or friends. It’ s perfect.