Solar Water Floating Lamp

Solar Water Floating Lamp




Color Changing

Ultra bright 7 color automatically changes (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Orange and Purple), create a unique lighting experience in your garden.


Solar Powered

Solar-Powered Floating Lamp, when press the switch and it will automatically get charged during the daytime (enough sunshine), ON/OFF switch placed on the bottom of the solar light. Energy-saving and environment-friendly.


Light Sensor Control

The pool light will turn on automatically when it gets dark and turn itself off when re-exposed to light or when the battery is fully discharged.


Floating on the water

The pool light can floating on the water to decorate your pool or garden. At night, the light will flash different color and float with the breeze, increasing a romantic atmosphere.


Great Decoration

Great decoration for garden, yard, park, tree, floating on pond, lake, swimming pool, fish tank, outdoor & indoor fountain or put it on the driveway, pathway, patio and flowerbeds etc.




Type: Solar Floating Pond Light

Quantity: 1pc

Material: plastic+ electric component

Color: as shown

Light color: seven color changing LED bead+ warm light beads

Protection level: IP44

Light source type: LED

Rated power: 0.2 W

Voltage: 1.2 V

Sunshine time: 8 h

Life expectancy: 50000 h

Battery: 1.2v NI-MH 600mA battery(included)

Charging time: 6h

Working time: 6-8 h

Diameter: 10cm/3.93’’

Net weight:180.5g/6.4oz

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