Portable Wine Decanter Filter

Portable Wine Decanter Filter


  • Use the wine air decanter to quickly aerating red wine, improve the wine aromas and flavors instantly, prevent excessive oxidation of wine.
  • The wine aerator pourer introduces oxygen that the red wine needed to soften tannin.
  • With a stand and drawstring bag, easy to store and take out, and elegant presentation box makes it a perfect present.
  • Decanting times range depending on the variety and age of the wine, the younger and more tannin, the longer you’ll need to decant, just pour wine through the decanter, repeat if needed.




Enjoy your wine from the first drop to the last when you aerate it with Wine Aerator.



No need to wait for 30 minutes aerating your wine, makes any wine taste like a century-old treasure.




You just need to pour any wine through the decanter directly into your glass.




Gift boxed with aerator, diffuser filter and decanter base.

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