Pet Snack Feeding Mat

Pet Snack Feeding Mat


  • 【Ideal Slow Feeding Bowl for Pets】This is a creative sniffing puzzle toys for dogs even cats. Training pets’ natural foraging skills by looking for food or snacks hidden inside, can help to slow down dog’s eating speed to prevent digestive problems as well as consume their extra energy.
  • 【Non-slip Suction Cups Design】There are 3 suction cups connected to the bottom of this pet slow feeding bowl, which can firmly fix this sniffing training toy bowl on the floor to prevent food from being scattered everywhere.
  • 【High Quality & Durable Felt Fabric】This pet snack treat dispenser toy is made of eco-friendly felt fabric that is non-toxic and not easy to be torn. But it is mainly used for feeding and sniffing training, not a bite teething toy, so please guide your dog how to use it for the first time use.
  • 【Creative Sniffing Toy for Pets】Studies pointed out that dogs sniffing for 10 minutes is equivalent to 1 hour of exercise. This pet feed foraging bowl will be a perfect “sports equipment” for pets to avoid our dog being bored and engaged in destructive behavior. Encourages their natural foraging skills and release pressure.
  • 【Portable Size & Washable】The unfolded diameter of this feeding flower bowl is 15.7 inches, fits for small or large dogs, and cats. Lightweight and portable for outdoor use. Machine washable and dryer safe, recommended washing by hand to avoid deformation.




▶ Using this sniffing feeding bowl can slow down our dog’s eating speed to prevent digestive problems as well as make their mealtime more enjoyable

▶ Help to training pet’s foraging skill and sense of smell, consume the dog’s extra energy to avoid destructive behavior.




▶ Durable Felt Fabric Material – 100% non-toxic and not easy to be torn, washable and not fade.

▶ Three Suction Cups Anti-Slip Design – Easy to fix in position to prevent food from being scattered everywhere.

▶ Portable Size – Unfolded size 15.7*15.7*3.9 inches, fit for large and small dogs, and cats.




Material: Eco-friendly felt fabric

Unfolded Size: 15.7*15.7*3.9 inches

Color: Brown Leaf

Weight: 150g


Package Include:

1 * Pet Sniffing Feeding Bowl

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