Ocean Wave LED Projector
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Ocean Wave LED Projector





Coversage Ocean Wave Lamp

Ocean Projector *1
Audio Cable*1
USB Cable*1
Remote controller*1

Coversage Ocean Wave Projector Remote Control Mini Music Player Speaker LED Night Light Aurora Master Projection Kids Bedroom

Product size: 12.6*12.6*10.5cm
Rated power: 2W
Rated voltage / current: DC5V/1A
Product net weight: 300g
Gross weight: 450g
Product material: ABS
USB length: 1.2 meters
Audio line length: 0.6 meters

1. Ocean wave projector with remote controller
2. Music Player with speaker
3.Package includes:Ocean projector audio cable Usb Cable
4.The Lastest Upgraded Remote Control Ocean Theme Projector Waves Light an upgraded mini projector that can project colorful lights on the smooth ceiling or walls to create a romantic, relaxing and delightful atmosphere. Provide a feeling of lying on the beach late at night, watching the waves come in
5.The Ocean Mood Light is Hypnotic Music Lamp, Atmospheric Projector, Card Readable & Sound All-in-One Device. Built in the 12 high-end ultra-bright LED large-sized chip beads (4 red beads, 4 blue beads, 4 green beads) allow a wider protected area, clearer projection and longer durability, 7 color changing Modes. The light is reflected and inter-converted to create a romantic atmosphere of colorful flowing ocean waves
6.The projector light can read TF card or can be connected to 3.5MM audio interface devices like cell phone, PC, notebook and MP3. It is easy to use and available to use anytime. The Ocean Theme Projector built in High Power Speaker. The audio system is equipped in the base to provide more sensational acoustic effect
7.Smart Touch Key: The power key is the on/off switch and light mode switch key. Press and hold the key for 3 seconds to start. Touch it to select one of the seven light modes. Press and hold the key for 3 seconds for shutdown. The + and – buttons are volume buttons. The projector has built-in hypnotic music. Under low volume after startup, users may press the + button to switch for the next song. This feature is only available when a TF card is inserted
8.Adjustable Display Angle: 45 degree tilt, allow you to project the light straight up or point in a different direction according to your needs. Perfectly fit for any Holiday Party Decorations to create an enjoyable and relaxing bedtime experience for children, soothe and comfort kids to sleep

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