Breathe-Right Micro-Nebulizer: Portable, Convenient and Effective!
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Breathe-Right Micro-Nebulizer: Portable, Convenient and Effective!





Portable Breath Ease Nebulizer


  • Ease your Breathing with the¬†Portable Breath Ease Nebulizer. This Nebulizer is helping lots of people who do around the world


Portable Breath Ease Nebulizer


  • Pressurized air passes through the tube and turns liquid¬†MEDICINE¬†or¬†WATER¬†into a cool, fine mist.
  • During an asthma attack or any breathing difficulty, the¬†mist¬†is easy to inhale and eases your breathing¬†quickly by¬†loosening secretions in the lungs.¬†

Portable Breath Ease Nebulizer


  • Eases your Breathing¬†with in minutes
  • Can be used with¬†water¬†or¬†medicine¬†

Portable Breath Ease Nebulizer

Portable Breath Ease Nebulizer


  • It uses a¬†silent motor¬†so you can use it without waking anyone in the night
  • It’s¬†Compact¬†and¬†light weight¬†making it perfect for your travels
  • It works on¬†batteries¬†so it can be used while you are out and about, on the move

Portable Breath Ease Nebulizer

Suitable For All Ages

Please Noted there Is No Medicine Included

Portable Breath Ease Nebulizer


Package Included: 1 set of Portable Breath Ease Nebulizer

Portable Breath Ease Nebulizer


  1. Immediate Relief From COPD, Asthma, Bronchitis And Other Lung Conditions: This Portable Breath Ease Nebulizer provides a supercool ultrasonic mist that is easily inhaled by your alveolus, providing deep penetration into your airways and offering quick relief for respiratory conditions like COPD, Asthma, Bronchitis and more!
  2. Ultra-Portable and Super Quiet Whisper:¬†The¬†Standard version¬†Nebulizer¬†is¬†powered by 2 AAA batteries or a standard power adapter¬†that provides a strong ultrasonic mist that offers relief whether you are traveling or on the go. It’s also designed with a whisper-quiet motor that ensures comfort while using it, unlike traditional nebulizers today!
  3. Liquid Cup For Your Medicines: This Portable Breath Ease Nebulizer is engineered with a liquid cup on top of the apparatus that allows you to put your medicines such as Albuterol inside allowing you to get relief no matter what medications you may use!
  4. Offers Relief From Colds & Flu:  Because of the efficiency of this Portable Breath Ease Nebulizer unique penetration of the airways, it can also provide vapor therapy for common colds, flu, and cough. The instant fine mist deeply penetrates into your sinus, nose, and throat for instant relief.
  5. Safe For All Ages: The Nebulizer provides a cool and harmless mist that includes no heating source or boiling water making it safe and suitable to be used by adults and children alike!
  6. Design: The design of the boost circuit can ensure that the fog rate reaches equilibrium. The fog size will not be affected by the electric quantity, which is not conducive to the average absorption.
  7. Cleaning function of fog outlet, flushing micro-grid with strong current every time to prevent blockage of micro-grid.
  8. The bottom of the medicine cup is designed with an inclined plane to ensure that the medicine is fully atomized.
  9. Metal materials are made of 306 high-quality stainless steel to ensure long-term use of rust-free.
  10. IP22 waterproof design effectively protects the product from water vapor erosion.

8 Cup Water (Filtered Water for Sure)
1/2 tsp Non-Iodized Salt


  1.  First Clean the Kitchen Top Area for Hygiene purposes and wear the Gloves in your Hand.
  2.  Put the Water into a Saucepan and wait for the Water to Get Boiled.
  3. Wait for 15 minutes to get the Water Fully Boiled.
  4.  Now Mix 1/2 tsp of salt into the water and stir to dissolve and cover the saucepan with a plate.
  5.  Once it’s done, keep the water to get cool to room temperature.
  6.  Use the saline solution immediately or store it in a sterilized container and keep it in the refrigerator.

Note:  You can Get Hypertonic saline from any pharmacy and use it instead of salted water because they have the same effect

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