Naturehike Lightweight Dry Bag 28 Liter Waterproof Bags Dry Backpack Keeps Gear Dry for Rafting Boating Outdoor Activities

Naturehike Lightweight Dry Bag 28 Liter Waterproof Bags Dry Backpack Keeps Gear Dry for Rafting Boating Outdoor Activities


Brand Name:Naturehike

Color: yellow/light gray

Weight: about 500g

Material: Nylon+TPU

Capacity: 28L

Using size: 18x30x55cm

Tile Size: 41x71cm



1. Separation of dry and wet of the bag shows humanized design completely.

2. 28L Big capacity to meet your needs. The perfect combination you need on your adventures, a great size!

3. 420DTPU coating, this special coating is designed to resist water.

4. Premium quality, it is timeless, tactile and tough.

5. It is ultra light, so it is easily for you to carry it to anywhere.

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