Multifunction Spoon and Lid Holder

Multifunction Spoon and Lid Holder


Get our Multifunction Spoon and Lid Holder, an efficient small kitchen allows you to cook and bake with several kitchen utensils in one place spoons/spatulas/lids are placed together in an orderly manner without one another, so that there will be no cross-contamination. Finally you not become messy because of dirty dishes!


It is also very fashionable, durable and has beautiful lines and stylish d Spread a bit of charm to your home.


Our spatula rack has multiple functions, multiple storage, saves space, and water, and facilitates life. The pot lid holder stand is very sturdy a for different sizes of lids, don’t worry about the pot lid crushing it. The material is PE for better cleaning.



  • Made of food grade PP, non-toxic, BPA free, healthy and environ friendly.
  • New suspension design, easy to store.
  • Good quality, smooth surface and durable
  • Easy to clean with water.



Made of high-quality PP material, environmental-friendly, safe, healthy durable.

A good choice for putting your hot pot lid or pan cover when you are bring you much convenience and making your kitchen clean and tidy. Smart design, compact size, convenient to carry, and easy to clean. Perfect for holding your cooking spoon, turner, hot pot lids, and hot pa your home kitchen.



Size: 11.5*18*2.2CM (slight error in manual measurement)

Package Content: 1 *Cooking Tool Holder

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