Multi Functional Telescopic Sink Organizer
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Multi Functional Telescopic Sink Organizer



Make your sink cleaner and tidier !!!

Did you know that wet sponges & cloth can accumulate more bacteria than a toilet lid? A wet (not wrung out) sponge is the perfect place for germs to settle and reproduce. That’s exactly why we created the sink organizer, so you can create a cleaner & hygienic sink!

‚ústKeep your sponges & clothes¬†clean
‚ústCreate a¬†hygienic environment
‚ústMake sponges last longer
‚ústSave¬†time & space
‚ústOne Size:¬†Fits ALL Sinks!


One Size Fits All:  The Sink Organizer is very easy to install, no tools needed! The unique adjustable design will make it fit tailored to YOUR sink. No matter how small or big it is. You are set within seconds!



Towel Bar:  Next to the amazing rack for your sponges, this Sink Organizer also has a towel bar. Here you can hang your clothes and towels to dry. This is much better than leaving it cramped up in the corner of the sink to collect germs. Make your sink hygienic!



Easy to install:  The Multi Functional Telescopic Sink Organizer is very easy to install, no tools needed! Simply click the pieces together and you are done!



Keep your sponges & clothes germ-free:  With the sink organizer, you never have to worry about clothes getting smelly. Just wring them out after each use and hang them up to dry and use again!



Built-in Drainage:  You never have to worry about water accumulating in the sink organizer. All water goes right through the bottom holes! Which makes sure no mold will form and your cleaning supplies stay clean!


Specifications :

Material: 100% food grade polypropylene
Dimensions (Extendable) :
‚Äď Min: 36cmx28cmx8.5cm
‚Äď Max: 50cmx28cmx8.5cm

Package includes :

1x Multi Functional Telescopic Sink Organizer

1. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
2. Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed in the pictures. Thank you!

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