Mini Folding Keyboard

Mini Folding Keyboard



♥The slim design makes it easy to carry around in your pocket or backpack. Perfect gift for travelers and typists!

♥Upgrade sensitive touchpad supports multi-touch, so you can control the device without using mouse. More convenient and efficient!

♥Free stand with six adjustable angles to create your perfect viewing angle. More convenient and efficient!

♥The oxidized matte exterior, made of aircraft grade aluminum, creates an exceptional touch and a simple, stylish look.

♥Built-in magnetic closure prevents accidental opening during storage or transportation.

♥Built-in low-power rechargeable lithium battery, save more power and last longer.


How to connect:

1.Turn on the power switch.

2.Press the connect button to enter into pairing mode.

3.Press “fn” + “Q/W/E” to select your system.

4.Turn on the Bluetooth setting on your device to enter pairing state.

5.Once you see “Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard” listed , click on it to connect.


1.The touchpad does not work below iOS 13.4!!!

2.If the touchpad doesn’t work, make sure you turn it on.(Open “Settings”-“Accessibility”-“Touch”-“AssistiveTouch”-“On”)

3.This bluetooth keyboard is not compatible with various computer sticks

4.If you experience any problem with this keyboard, please charge it fully firstly. Very low power may cause problems.



Open Size: 11.89 x 3.85 x 0.41in

Folded Size: 5.7 x 3.9 x 0.4 in

Weight: 6.9oz

Charging Time: 2-3h

Standby Time: ~560 H

Uninterrupted Working Time: 48H

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