Mattifying Hair Powder
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Mattifying Hair Powder




It absorb excess of oil from hair instantly adding the volume and changing the look from dirty to clean.
Lasts a long time. Very small amount of the product needed to achieve great results.
It is inconvenient to wash your hair when the weather is cold, but your hair is greasy. Use it for a few minutes, and the hair will dry out instantly.


Brand nameļ¼šSevich

Product name ļ¼šHair Powder

Package Included: 1 x bottle Hair Powder

Specifications:Lasts a long time.
Powder uniformity.
It absorb excess of oil from hair instantly adding the volume and changing the look from dirty to clean.

This product is suitable for greasy hair first aid treatment and is not a substitute for shampoo.

How To Use:

1. When used, the hair should be layered for better effect.
2. After the powder is evenly spread, spread the hair by hand, the hair will become fluffy, and shake off the excess powder.
3. The effect usually lasts for a few hours.

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