Makeup Brush Cleaner

Makeup Brush Cleaner


Do you know the importance of cleaning makeup brushes?

For everday use,the brush is easily stained with sebum and dust , causing various skin problems.

How long have you not cleaned your makeup brush?

Do you think that it is waste of time to wash the makeup brush with the traditional silicone cleaning pad?

Our electric makeup brush cleaner can help you clean and dry within seconds,keeping your skin healthy.




Updated Design Makeup Brush Cleaner Spinner :

1. Fast Clean and Easy to Use : Clean and dry your brushes within seconds.

2. Get Rid of Mess Hand Cleaning : 2 in 1 function, high power and automatic, but low-vibration design.

3. Deeply Cleaning and Health Skin : Achieve 99% cleanliness, keeping your skin happy and healthy daily.

4.Fit most market brushes : 8 different sizes of flexible rubber holders, suitable for 99% brushes in the market.

5.Perform gentle on brush bristles : Healthier and more beautiful skin by electric makeup brush cleaner.

6.Elegant top quality : Electric makeup brush cleaner is elegant,top quality,low-vibration design

7.Electric makeup brush cleaner: Battery not included




How to Clean and Dry Your Makeup Brush?

1. Put 1/3 water and some makeup brush fluid into the bowl.

2. Select the suitable collars and insert the brush into the spinner.

3.Dip and dunk the brush in the liquid.

4.Turn on the spinner, spin the brush to clean 5-10s.

5.With clear water and clean again.

6.Spin the brush to dry it about 5-10s

Kindly Remind:

1. Please mounting spindle tightly, choosing the right and slightly tight silicone sleeve before using.

2. Please use the new battery for washing well and longer use,since the resistance of brush is great in the water,which may affect the makeup brush cleaning.



Healthy & Economical:

It effectively and efficiently removes cosmetic, dirt, oil and other impurities, on makeup brushes. In addition, it helps makeup brushes stay clean, soft, nice and long-lasting. Overall, it saves your time, money and energy.



Easy to Use:

Dip, Spin to Rinse, Spin to Dry, only a few steps and a few minutes, Electric makeup brush cleaner achieve 98% cleanliness ,and your makeup brushes become cleaned and ready to use, which thoroughly improve your makeup experience and skin health.



Kindly Remind:

The shovel must be firmly attached to the body of the product until the click is heard. This allows a secure connection to the device and prevents the brush from falling

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