Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner

Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner



100% Brand New and Quality

– Clean inside and outside window at the same time, saving your time and effort.

– Stay in your room to clean the outside window, ensuring your safety.

– Double sided design with strong magnet, you can clean every corner easily and thoroughly.

– Double magnet device, wipe the glass as you like.



Material: Plastic

Color: White+Blue/White+Red

Quantity: 1 Pc

Shape: Triangle

Size: 16*13.5CM/6.3*5.3IN

Type: Magnetic Window Cleaner


How to use:

1. Keep the safety rope in hand to prevent the glass rub falling from high altitude.

2. Turn the glass rub open.

3. Soaked in water to allow the sponge to absorb moisture.

4. Add a little cleaner to the fiber cloth.

5. Align the glass rub, natural adsorption

6. Start to wipe glass.



1. Please allow 1-2cm error due to manual measurement.

2. Color may have a little color difference, Because of the different display settings.


Please note the magnet is not strong enough for double-glazed windows.


This Listing includes :

1 x Window Glass Cleaner

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