Lumbar Decompression Belt
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Lumbar Decompression Belt



Live painless with our new and innovative decompression therapy.

Lumbar Support: Decompress your lower back joints and spinal disks by lifting your upper bodyweight off your lower back. It strengthens the lower back and improves posture.

Back Pain Relief: Stretch and relieve your lower back muscles and eliminate lower back pain and stiffness. Our decompression belt stabilizes your lower back and strengthens your back and core.

Enjoy it anyplace: Wear it under your clothes and take it with you everywhere you go without anyone noticing.


The spine and back provide us with support in our daily lives. Every pain caused by it effects us more than we realize. Chronic back pain is harmful to one’s long-term health.

When back pain is not addressed, it has an impact on your health and can lead to mental issues such as poor concentration, restless nights, heightened fatigue, decreased productivity, and social decline.


Treat your back pain, not just ease it. Our belt is specialized for long-term satisfaction instead of temporary convenience.

The Lumbar Decompression Belt stretches and retracts the lower back as it inflates with air.

This allows degenerative discs to get the water, oxygen, and nutrients it requires for faster healing.

A single session provides instant relief, and daily use contributes to a healthier posture and alignment of the cervical discs.

Use it anywhere, anytime. Enjoy life to its fullest capacity.


🔵 Sciatica

🔵 Herniated/Bulging discs

🔵 Degenerative disc

🔵 Lumbar acute/chronic sprain

🔵 Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis

🔵 Compression fracture in the lumbar region

🔵 Low back pain due to physical and/or physiological conditions

🔵 Strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting and/or long hours driving


Enjoy pain relief, without any restrictions on your life.

Lightweight and comfortable. The Lumbar Decompression Belt has been designed for use under most clothing, and during any activity.

Simply wear and inflate for support and relief during a number of activities.
Go walking, driving, working, playing golf, or simply relaxing around the house without any worry.

Allow your back to return to its natural state.


It is both comfortable and simple to use. The belt is stretchy and does not obstruct muscle movement.

Put on and inflate quickly to offer outstanding comfort and relaxation when exercising, driving, playing golf, doing errands around the home, or just resting and sitting in a chair!

Continue to enjoy your everyday life without limiting yourself.

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