LED Flying Disc Dog Toy (1Pc)

LED Flying Disc Dog Toy (1Pc)


An awesome toy for pets!


Commodity Introduction:

1. Design, all the source of the concept of human nature: security, fashion, caring, lively, beautiful, equal

2. Super bright LED light + environmental protection PU material

3. To ensure the best quality: each process through the most stringent testing, oxidation and corrosion testing.

4. Pay particular attention to the details: every detail processing should be strictly detected.



Usage: the long light is adjusted by the switch.

Color: random

Size: diameter 13cm

The manual measurement, measuring method and measuring error, kept at about 0.5cm.

Light source description: LED light, through the PVC light guide, to achieve the whole set of light. This product for export quality, through the ROHS, CE, EN471 environmental protection certification, effective rain water, clean the time to remove the switch box to remove the battery.



Suitable for dark environment or night activities, outdoor sports, through the ultra bright LED light, showing a stylish personality movement, design fashion, regardless of the day or night are suitable for use.



Toys Type: Flying Discs

Type: dogs

Material: Plastic

Additional Info

  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Consist of LED light and TPU-made, it is safe for pet and human use.
  • Shining toy will be definitely popular with pets!
  • Available in different flash modes!
  • Powered by a battery and can be changed if it is power-off.
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