Laser Pen Burner
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Laser Pen Burner



High Power Laser Pointer 303 Rechargeable USB Military Burning Torch Powerful 100mw Green Laser Pen Light Cat Laserpointer Blue

Options 1、 4: Only laser pointers are included

Options 2、5: Including laser+1*18650 battery+1*charger

Options 3 、6: Including laser+5*star cap+1*18650 battery+1*charger+green box

1. This is a very convenient handheld military-grade light. It is a good choice when you need pointers for travel or adventure. Can also be used for pointers.
2. Aviation aluminum alloy, durable.
3. Appearance and surface treatment: black anodized.

1. Material: Aviation metal
2. Size: 150X28x22mm
3. Beam type: continuous line.
4. Wavelength: 532nm
5. Power supply: 1×18650 battery.
6. Laser range: 8000m
7. Laser color: green
8. Focus mode: none
9. Body color: black
10. Working voltage: DC=3.0-3.7V.
11. Waterproof: IPX67
12. Warm-up time: <3 seconds.
13. Working temperature: +20°30°
14. Charging time: 3~5 hours
15. Output power: <5mw<>”

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