Infrared Sensor Faucets
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Infrared Sensor Faucets



How to make the kitchen to be easier?—Dual activating modes】: No longer using the switch handle with your messy hand, just touching anywhere (Not include: Sprayer) or closing the goose neck on the kitchen tap with your hand or forearm to start and stop the flowing, near untouched cleaning design.

【What about the sensor accuracy of the pull down faucet?—0.5s reaction time & 3 inches touch less range】: Accurately motion sensor and starting the water, touch faucet for kitchen sink automatically stops the water within 3 minutes when detecting no movement to save water.

【Why does your faucet leak?—Rust did it】:Most of the kitchen faucet leaking has caused by internal rust. ARISE stainless steel sink faucets takes special ceramic valve, the stainless steel tube, and three NSF-certified water hoses to ensure that will not leak by internal rust within 10 years. Besides, ARISE brushed nickel kitchen faucet has done the special treatment at every joint to keep its leakage.

【Don’t fret the low flow!—Multi functional Sprayer and strong mode for your choice】: If you get the low flow in your pipe, please increases the faucet’s flow rate by 60% by the strong mode. The smart kitchen faucet with sprayer has retractable 24” hose that can be suited for 14” to 32”kitchen sink.

【Two step after-sale service—100% satisfied solution】: Whether it’s human damage or equipment failure, as soon as the faucet stops working, you will get a new brushed nickel faucet within three days by contacting customer service on the Amazon question board.

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