Flame Atmosphere Speaker

Flame Atmosphere Speaker


  • VIVID AMBIENCE: The flame is made with 60 LEDs and safe to use, which can be turned on or off, with or without using the speaker. The matte finish and elegent design with IP65 waterproof makes it perfect to be used in your party, back yard or bedroom for decoration and warming up.
  • STEREO SOUND: The speaker has 5W output. You can purchase two of these and pair them together. The Speakers will split the Stereo sound for left and right. One speaker will play Left stereo and the Second speaker will play Stereo Right. This means surround sound and Zero audio lag between both speakers.
  • RELIABLE BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: Connect your first Flame Speaker to your cellphone through Bluetooth. Then, short press the power button on speaker 1, and turn on your speaker 2. Wait for the Bluetooth name to show on your cellphone and tap it.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Built-in rechargeable 3600mAh/3.7V batteries in series connection(brighter LEDs at 7.4V). MicroUSB to charge – included.
  • VERSATILE PLACEMENT: It also comes with a built-in standard 1/4″-20 UNC threaded hole on the bottom, which can be easily applied to walls or other platforms with the included wall mount, or magnetic base or hook.



Rechargeable Battery / Waterproof Atmosphere Light Stereo Speaker

3600mAh Rechargeable Batteries – Non-stop music

Don’t let the dead batteries interrupt your awesome party! You can charge the speaker with the USB cable whenever you want.



Flame LED Light is Always Attractive

LED Light Flickers Warm Yellow Lights

The Flame speaker with awesome LED light is the best choice for you. It has not only Bluetooth, but also 60 LEDs. Each LED flickers warm yellow lights, forming a stunning flame. Matte finish and elegant design with IP65 waterproof makes it works perfectly wherever you go.

Just need one flame speaker, then you can enjoy every beautiful moment of life with your family, and friends.

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