Fire Pits BBQ Outdoor
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Fire Pits BBQ Outdoor




32 inch Outdoor Fire Pit – Upgraded 32-inch square fire pit is ideal for bonfire party, kids roasted, entertaining guests and cool evenings, creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Safe and Secure – Made of more thickness and durable steel frame with a black heat resistant finish for added heat resistance. It is lightweight enough that you can carry the fire pit around easily.

Exquisite Design – The protective mesh cover keep the ashes and sparks from flying out and allows for an open view of the fire. The gap in the bottom and log grate allow for air flow and circulation. Included poker to lift the screen or set the mesh on the fire pit, waterproof outer cover to keep clean when not in use.

Easy Assembly – Simple design, easy to assemble under the manual enclosed. All tool and accessories of the backyard fire pit you need are included.


Material: Iron
Color: Black
Suitable number: 4-6 person
Diameter: 32inch

Package included:

1 x Fire Pit

1 x Spark Screen Cover

1 x Log Grate

1 x Poker

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