Elegant Solar Wall Light

Elegant Solar Wall Light



Name: Solar 2LED Wall Light

Light source: 2 LED SMD lamp beads (up and down light)

Charging time: turn on the switch and sun for more than 6 hours

Battery: 600Mah Ni-MH battery

Light color: white light warm light

Solar panel: 2V/200ma solar panel

Material ABS plastic+PC (anti-corrosion)

Lighting time: 8 hours when fully charged

Light body color: black shell


Applicable scenes: decorative lighting for courtyards, parks and gardens



The following environments are not suitable for installation:

1. Glass room (Although there is sunlight, the glass is blocked, which affects the intensity of light. It affects battery charging)

2. Monitoring area (the monitoring area is not suitable for installation, the monitoring has infrared rays. It will affect the brightness of the light)

3.Under the tile eaves (the area where the lamps are installed must not have tile eaves, trees, wires, etc.)

4. Short exposure time (the area where the solar lamp is installed must be exposed to sunlight for at least 6 hours)



White light, warm light, two light colors can be applied to a variety of different environments, bringing different feelings

IP65 waterproof: rain and lightning protection, uninterrupted power on cloudy and rainy days, normal lighting

PC lampshade: The specially designed ultra-transparent lamp set can better emit the light, making it appear brighter and more transparent. The super brightness makes the night scene more beautiful

Polycrystalline silicon solar panel: Polycrystalline silicon solar panel is used, which can quickly absorb energy and light up for about 8 hours when fully charged

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