Digital Tire Inflator 12V
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Digital Tire Inflator 12V




This air compressor enables to inflates a standard mid-sized car tire from 0~36PSI (0-248KPA) in only 4-6 minutes.

It makes inflating low and flat tires in emergency easier and more convenient. Pressure Gauge Display of the air compressor unit: PSI, BAR, KPA, KGF/CM2.

Up to 3 meters of 12V car power cord, can effectively ensure the operation of the product radius, press the button to charge immediately without tightening.

Built-in a cable storage slot and hose storage slot, no need to need worry the cord is too long to put, more convenient to use.

With the built-in LED light, you won\’t have trouble seeing what you\’re doing with your tire, even when you\’re working in a shadowy garage, parked under a broken streetlight, or broken down next to an unlit rural road.

Great for many types of tires: car, bike, motorcycle, RV, SUV, ATV, rubber dinghy and also sports equipment and inflatables. Three additional nozzles and adaptors included to make the compressor versatile and more widely-used.


Type: EAFC Car Tire Inflator

Material: Copper motor + ABS body

Quantity: 1pc

Item Color: Yellow + black

Power Input: DC 12V

Full Load Current: 10A

Power: 120W

Maximum Pressure: 150psi

Flow: Infact 35L/min (box write 27L)

Pressure Gauge Display: PSI, BAR, KPA, KGF/CM2

Continuous Working Time: 8mins

Working Temperatures: 20-60 °C

Power Cable Length: Approx. 3m / 9.8ft

Hose Length: Approx. 50cm / 19.6″

Item Size: 19.3*15.5*7.4cm / 7.6*6.1*2.9″ (L*W*H)

Net Weight: 0.83kg / 19.3oz

Package List:

1*Car tire inflator

3*Adaptors for inflatables


1*English user manual

1*Package box

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