Cool Change Bike Bag

Cool Change Bike Bag



Splashing water proof, breathable, tear resistance, light, Conform to human engineering design and comfortable straps alleviate burdens on shoulders


Note: water bag not included of this model


Light weight type

Keep you free and no burden anymore


Say no to invariable



Keep your back dry and breathable

Lead air, breathable and moisture wicking



Splashing water proof

Nylon fabric with superior waterproof performance to protect the bag from splashing and keep dry



Resistance to abrasion Solid and durable

Do not have to worry the puncture maybe caused by sticker

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Hidden storage bag

Fold it into hidden storage bag after using to make it easy to carry



Double layer of main space

Store things in different inner bags make things in order and more convenient



Reflective system at night

High brightness keep you safer in night cycling



Structural analysis

Conform to human engineering design and comfortable straps alleviate burdens on shoulders


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