Cat Night Light

Cat Night Light


These gorgeous and adorable Night Lights have silicone casing are special to little pals to touch and also gently light up the room.


Music Box


Built-in hypnosis music: City of Sky


Bring you a calming surrounding to relax and fall asleep easily.


Dimmer control


There are three (3) various light modes to adjust the lighting you like


It is good to create a lovely and peaceful atmosphere for your bedroom.


Rechargeable Battery & USB Power


The projector is powered by the USB cable (inclusive) and can be plugged into a USB port on a laptop or into the mains with a USB plug.


The projector also has the build-in rechargeable battery and could last about eight (8) hours when the battery is full charged.




Casing: Soft silicone

Bulb: efficient LED

Battery: Rechargeable battery with USB

Dimensions: 110 X 108MM

Packaging: Gift box (show in the photos)




1*Cat Night Light

1*USB Cable


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