Bubble Pet Bowls (1.8L)

Bubble Pet Bowls (1.8L)


  • 【SEPARABLE DESIGN】: Our raised pet water and food bowls adopt humanized separable design, simple structure and detachable parts, make cleaning easier. It can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust different directions according to your preferences. The stylish and atmospheric design perfectly matches any room decoration.
  • 【UNIQUE & ADJUSTABLE DESIGN 】: The Ball-shaped bowl close to the corner , save a lot of space and stuck in the corner is not easy to be moved or knocked over by your pet friends, preventing soiling of your floor. A double bowl that save time and energy for the owner !
  • 【AUTOMATIC WATER DISPENSER】: When the pet drinks out the water in the bowl, the water will automatically flow out until it rises to the fixed water level line. Super capacity is up to 1800 ml which can be last 2-3days, give your pet have fresh water to drink every day.
  • 【SAFE PREMIUM PP MATERIAL】: The material of this water dispenser is food-safe, non-toxic, non-odor, environmentally friendly and durable. Lightweight and easy to carry, it’s the best choice for your home or travel. Please feel free to use!
  • 【KEEP WATER CLEAN】: The floating ring keep the water clean and hygienic, preventing the dust pollution of the water cup, and giving your kitty and dogs a healthy eating environment. At the same time ,it can effectively prevents water from leaking out, keeping your floor clean. An extra stainless steel food bowl for easy cleaning, healthy and delicious! 


Perfect partner for pet food. 360 ° right-angle design can be placed in the corner, not easy to be knocked over by pets, improve the room space utilization. Classic white more perfect with your interior design~


Safe and Non-toxic Materials

Safe and non-toxic pp materials, no smell, high toughness, not easy to be broken,pets use every meal at ease.The weight is only 28 oz, which makes it lighter and easier to use.


Automatic Water Dispenser Pet Bowl

We spend months testing and modifying our products. Only the best products go into manufacturing. our factory go through multiple inspections to ensure quality, fair labor practices, and environmental compliance.


Automatic Water Design

The super large capacity of 1.5 L is enough to support the pet’s daily water consumption. When the water in the sink is finished, the water in the water bottle will automatically flow out until it rises to a horizontal position. Let you no longer worry about pets frequently changing water.

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