LuxHome Bed & Couch Organizer
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LuxHome Bed & Couch Organizer



Keep your favorite things close by, and at your fingertips with this handy storage bag. You can easily organize everything in this bag that holds all your stuff like tablets, phones, books, magazines, cables, chargers, and other small stuff. Get rid of that mess on your bedside table or under your pillow!

In addition to having all things within reach, this organizer is also safer. Because charging a phone under your pillow is not without risk. In addition to the risk of falling out of bed on the floor, there is also the risk of a possible fire. You still want to prevent this.

These high-quality handmade organizers can be used on any bed and/or couch. Made of durable polyester felt. Equipped with 1 large bag and smaller bags. Lightweight and easy to install in less than 5 seconds!

Highlights & Specifications

  • Bed and/or couch organizer
  • Installed in 5 seconds
  • High-quality material
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Durable felt
  • Main Pocket with small compartments
  • Lightweight
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