3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen


Great minds come to life here

Let your young one’s imagination soar off the paper. Our 3D art pen allows any drawing to come to life with ABS/PLA plastic filament for physical, tangible creations. Have fun creative nights with your child by letting him or her draw in air and watch magic happen right before both of your eyes. From houses to animals, trees, and necklaces, the sky’s the limit on what a child can dream up.



Safe to use for young ones

With no exposed parts or heating mechanisms, this pen is easy to use and safe for kids (recommended for kids six years and older in age). We still recommend adults oversee the set-up functioning of the pen to ensure everything is okay though.


Get everything you need

It just takes four steps

  • Plug the 3D pen into the power cord
  • Insert a string of plastic filament
  • Wait for the 3D pen to heat up
  • Start drawing out a creation
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