3 Secs Tent – The #1 Instant Pop-up Tent


This lightweight, multi-season 3 Secs Tent will change your perspective & experience of camping! The tent uses an advanced pre-assembled mechanism that allows you to set it up & take it down automatically! Saving you a lot of time, allowing you to enjoy your trip & do it all single-handedly!

  • Practically Instant Set Up & Take Down
  • 1-Person Set Up & Take Down
  • Waterproof Now With Free Rainfly Included
  • 2 Doors: Great Ventilation + Easy Entry/Exit
  • Hours of Camping Fun, Secs of Sheltering Job

Fastest Setup Instant Camping Tent!

All You Ever Need for The Perfect Outdoor Getaway!

Camping has never been this easy! The latest spring-loaded mechanism pops open the tent instantaneously and makes it possible to avoid wasted time, energy, or even worse – getting eaten by a bear.

With our technology you can spend more quality time with family & friends while enjoying 100% comfortable camping experience without having to worry about whether your little one is going into their first ever sleepover all alone (or if grandma got lost on her way back from the bathroom).

In-Tents Durability!

With features like super durable rainfly, tough and steady framework that’s built to withstand strong windstorms, heavy duty tent poles made from fiberglass for more stability.

Fully taped seams all around guaranteeing better water proofing as well as durability with stainless steel pegs.

Made of hard wearing fabric designed specifically for long lasting use; 3 Secs Tent is an excellent choice when looking for a high quality outdoor experience without breaking your bank account or risking your safety by investing in cheap tents you find in department stores!

Best Camping Tent Features!

Packed with the best and most innovative camping tent features you could hope for, the 3 Secs Tent will make setting up camp quicker than ever. Comes complete with 2 access points on either side to give easy access from both sides of your tent mates!

With a mesh window layer that keeps things cool inside while stopping bugs outside, this is one camping trip made all-weather possible. Not forgetting convenience for those late night emergencies – there’s even an additional hook in the middle of your tent for hanging anything you might need while making coffee or boiling water.

For packing up before heading home at the end of your weekend getaway? The convenient buckle strap meaning packing it away won’t be such a chore!

Extreme Adaptability & Versatility!

This is an easy set-up and down event shelter which will suit any of your upcoming camping trips or backyard parties.

It has a lightweight fiberglass frame and 210D polyester oxford fabric top with waterproof coating so you don’t have to worry about rain ruining it on those unexpected sunny days before storm season begins.

The handy pop-up design also makes this one super convenient option since there’s no need for poles like in other tents making assembly quick and hassle-free as well as straightforward!

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